Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design and construct infrastructure such as:

  • bridges
  • roads
  • harbours
  • highways
  • dams
  • buildings.

As a built environment becomes increasingly complicated, ambitious construction projects are completed by teams of people with different skills, working together. The civil engineer plays an important role in this process.

  • Engineering Mechanics-1 
  • Engineering Drawings-1
  • Element of Civil Engg.-1
  • Building Construction-1
  • Surveying-1
  • Transportation-1 
  • Engineering Mechanics-2
  • Engineering Drawing-2
  • Element of Civil Engg.-2
  • Building Construction-2
  • Surveying-2 
  • Transportation Structure-1 
  • Computer Designing-1
  • Foundation Design-1
  • Irrigation Engineering-1
  • Cost & Valuation-1
  • Steel Structure-1
  • Transportation Structure-2
  • Computer Designing-2
  • Foundation Design-2
  • Irrigation Engineering-2
  • Engineering Mechanics-3
  • Engineering Drawing-3
  • Element of Civil Engg.-3
  • Building Construction-3
  • Surveying-3
  • Group project
  • Transportation-2
  • Cost and Valuation-2
  • Steel Structure-2
  • Foundation Design-3
  • Environmental Technology
  • CAD
  • Major Project
  • VIVA

Why Civil and Construction Engineering?

  • Civil engineers are currently in very high demand and this trend is expected to remain long into the future.
  • This professional and practically-orientated course is highly prized by graduates and respected by professional engineers.
  • It is in effect two degrees, civil engineering and construction engineering, combined into one fully comprehensive course.
  • It gives a qualification that equips graduates to be work ready as soon as they graduate.


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