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Melcolm Institute of Professional Studies (MIPS)

Melcom Institute of Professional Studies offers flexible part-time & full-time courses specially for MBA, undergraduates and post-graduates. We offer high quality online degrees and distance learning. MIPS gives you the opportunity to boost your career by combining academic knowledge with practical approach.

All our courses are well-planned to suit your professional interests and needs. As one of the most reputed open education institute in India, we offer our programmes all around the globe. MIPS offers a huge range of flexible courses, programmes and degrees in the field of MBA, Executive MBA, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Computer Certification Courses, etc.

We are one the largest, most diverse distance learning institutes in India with over 90,000 students. It is recognized globally for its wide range of academic opportunities. As a leader in higher education, we have pioneered change in the sector by producing best results.

We don’t just give our students an education but experiences that set them up for ‘success in a career’. We help them succeed in the career to discover a field they are passionate about and dare to lead.

You can also have an easy access to our esteemed Digital library ensuring further addition to your knowledge and expansion of your ideas. Thanks to internet, loud storage and digital libraries supporting expansion of students’ horizons in learning.

You can easily access an enormous amount of data facilitating the expansion of education.

Our Motto

If you wanna play in the international arena,
you gotta play by the international rules.

Our Quality

is world-class
(check out our reviews & testimonials).

Our Team and Clients

Our team is very small and made up of the best
MBA admission consultants in India and our client
are high-potentials candidates
who’ve scouted the market before choosing us.