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E-MBA in Infrastructure & Construction Management

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Infrastructure & Construction Management

Sound infrastructure & Construction is the key to sustainable economic progress and this has been indubitably the main reason for the economic boom that the country has been experiencing since the 1990’s. Holistically trained personnel who can capitalize on the social economic, environmental and physical resources at hand to ensure maximum viability are fast becoming the need of the day. The course familiarizes the student with core management concepts with regards to the various divisions and support groups in the Indian infrastructure & Construction industry.

There is great potential for graduates of this course in the following sectors:

  • Government
  • Private
  • Industrial
  • Service

A person equipped with a degree in Infrastructure & Construction management is capable of following a top-down strategy to examine, evaluate, recommend and assimilate best management practices across any division in any organization; regardless of the sector they operate in. They can be placed as Facility Operations Specialists, Program Managers, Infrastructure & Construction Managers, and Project Resource Manager and so on.

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Business, Government and Society
Corporate Communication
Quantitative Methods
Contract Management and Legal Aspects of Infrastructure & Construction Projects
Clearance and Planning


Financial Management for Infrastructure & Construction Projects
Computer Applications in Infrastructure & Construction
Environmental Policies and Issues
Regulatory Issues and Environmental Issues in Urban Governance and IT Infrastructure & Construction Management
Environmental Impact of Growing Energy Need

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